My Dearest Kaiden,
Today you have hit the double digits, and my heart is full of emotions. You are becoming everything that I have always hoped and have known you would become. You are a natural leader that everyone loves and wants to follow. I remember when you were little you felt things so deeply, and that hasn't changed as you grow. 

You love football and basketball, Daddy and I love to watch you play. I love that you love to read and you are an amazing big brother. You are stubborn like your mama at times, but I think that will give you courage to stand up for yourself as you go through life. We have so many amazing adventures ahead of us and I embrace each memory that we make with you. 

You love adventures and history, and so the Olentangy Caverns was a perfect spot for our birthday date. You have always carried an old soul with you, and the history of the Wyandotte Native Americans really intrigued you. It was a perfect day spent talking and exploring. I will always be here for you to tell your stories, hopes and dreams. Please never stop dreaming and going after those dreams, because this life is short,  and my hope is that you will always be happy, kind and empathetic.  Daddy and I are so proud of the sweet 10 year old you have become. 

I love you more than all the stars in the sky.

Love, Mama



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