My Dearest Kk,
How is it that you are seven already? I think back to when you were little, and it doesn't seem all that long ago. The years are flying by, but that's okay, because we have had and will have so many more amazing moments together.  Sometimes I watch you creating, dancing or playing soccer and it makes my heart skip a beat. You are sweet, feisty, a bit stubborn and you hate to be rushed or told what to do. You are honest and upfront with everyone and I love that about you.

You continue to be an amazing soccer player, it comes so naturally for you. Your dream is to play for the Columbus Crew and if you dream it and go after it, then it will happen. I look forward to the day that Daddy and I are in the stands cheering you on at the Crew Stadium.

Our birthday date is my favorite day of the year. To have you all to myself for the day, is such a blessing, you are a blessing. I love hearing your hopes, dreams and worries.  Know that I am always here for you, and I will love you unconditionally for the rest of my life.

My hope for you is that you continue to be affectionate, balanced and gentle. You make Daddy and I so proud everyday.
There are many amazing adventures ahead of you because you are so incredibly special.

I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
Love, Mama



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