Sometimes it feels a little dishonest to share our story telling type images to be honest, because despite the happy appearance, we're not singing "Kumbaya" some days.  Pictures tell a story, but only a glimpse of the story really. We capture what we see or what we want to see, but not always the whole truth. We have A LOT going on right now, trying to make some dreams happen and's stressful most days.  
It had been a trying week, with a lot going on, we were all looking forward to running away and getting lost in nature for a bit.  So, we went camping, like we do from time to time, and for the most part it was crummy. The boys are at an age where they are constantly nit-picking and whining and pushing each others, and Eric and my buttons all . the . time.
Normally, this type of trip does it for us, but not this time.  There were time outs in a camping chair, there were tears shed by them and me and I wonder how I will view this post 2, 4, 6, years down the road.
I just don't know really, I suppose we will remember roasting marshmallows for s'mores, hearing owls hooting in the morning from our tent and finding a walking stick on our car, just as we were heading home.

Yeah, I'll choose to remember that.



10/20/2015 3:03am

Oh, Ali. I completely understand. It is so very hard at times. I love that you documented the happy faces along with the grumpy ones. Our kids make me cry sometimes if that makes you feel any better. We are not alone. Always grateful for the good times. X


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